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For over 50 years, Fargamel has manufactured and distributed lifting and handling accessories for the service, construction, marine, and offshore industries in France and abroad.
We’ve built our reputation for professionalism and reliability on our commitment to quality and our innovative spirit, at the forefront of a market that is particularly demanding when it comes to performance and security. Standard or customized, our lifting solutions illustrate this expertise daily.

Innovation, reliability, technical skill…

Staying at the cutting edge of customer service requires resources and investments that are up to the task. To maximize our responsiveness, we have a workshop dedicated to working on cables...

…Competence, expertise, service

Another workshop is equipped to perform welding work, and we have two warehouses (cables and accessories) where we can make cuts on demand, providing a quick response in our order...


Values and commitments

Listening, availability, responsiveness and guidance: the 4 fundamental values of customer relations.

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Structures and equipment

More responsiveness, more services, more solutions: optimized production facilities and a highly efficient organization.

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Customized spreader beams

20 years’ experience designing customized solutions and manufacturing bespoke lifting equipment.

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Manutention de blocs en béton avec un palonnier...

Démontage d’une tour en blocs béton avec un palonnier écarteur Charge maximale d’utilisation: 65 t Ce palonnier est équipé de...

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Manutention de blocs en béton avec un palonnier écarteur multipoints

Livraison palonnier 400 T Epreuve à 500 T

Livraison d’un palonnier SWL 400 T sous certification DNV

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palonnier manille élingue cable offshore