Customized Spreader Beams

Our expertise is also visible in the solicitation of our know-how during on-site interventions. With our competence in offshore operations, we are positioned in privileged partnerships with the biggest international shipyards.


  • Rail Projects for Export
  • Equipment for nuclear facilities
  • Port handling
  • Aeronautics
  • Wind
  • Oil industry

To meet your specific lifting needs, we do the design work at our design office and prepare the right solution for your environment in our workshops.


Our field sales staff can provide you with support anywhere in France, and can give you advice in pinpointing your lifting needs. Your requests are then transferred to our account managers for a complete costing, including a preliminary study, a block diagram for the solution, and a detailed estimate.


Our design office project managers offer reliable and customized handling solutions, thanks to 3D CAD software and a sizing calculation system that satisfy the standards in force (NF EN 13155, F.E.M.).


The whole of our welding team is qualified according to the standards in force governing mechanical welding assembly (NF EN 287-1/A2, NF EN ISO 15614). 
Our spreader beams are painted in compliance with painting standards, and may be customized on demand (oil-based paint, polyurethane paint, epoxy paint, 3-layer system…)


All our spreader beams can be load tested at up to 1.5 x CMU in the presence of authorized organizations (Qualiconsult, Bureau Veritas…). 
We arrange to have non-destructive inspection testing conducted on welds (penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasound…).


Our quality control department, together with our computer records management, ensures the traceability of the materials and accessories used in the manufacture of spreader beams. A builder’s file (with drawings, calculation notes, operating manual, collection of shop inspection certificates [CCPU], testing certificate, welding log, QMOS, DMOS, painting file…) is provided with each delivery.